We run various specialist clinics from the practice in addition to general surgery, led by either our Doctors or our Practice Nurses. These are for routine checks on well patients as well as the management of chronic illnesses which require regular reviews. If you have not had a review in the last year, and have been diagnosed with one of the following, please make an appointment as soon as possible:

  • Diabetes
  • Abnormal Blood Pressure (Hypertension or Hypotension)
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Mental Health Illness
  • Learning Disability
  • COPD
  • Asthma
  • Heart Disease
  • Dementia

Some of these illnesses are reviewed in dedicated clinics (please see below for more information). However, Abnormal Blood Pressure, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Mental Health Illness, Learning Disabilities and Dementia are all reviewed in a routine treatment room appointment with one of our Practice Nurses. The ‘Practice Nurse Provision’ page, underneath the ‘Clinics & Services’ tab at the top of the page, has more details on how long you need to book for these reviews and which of our Nurses can perform them.

As mentioned, we also have dedicated clinics for some of these illnesses. The list of clinics run by the surgery is as follows:

Asthma / COPD

Dr. Storrow is the Practice Lead for Asthma and COPD. Our clinics are Nurse led. The aim of this clinic is to assist patients to effectively manage and control their diagnosis of Asthma and or COPD.

Please note, we CANNOT see COPD diagnosed patients in the Asthma clinic on Wednesdays – we respectfully request that patients diagnosed with COPD book into the Thursday afternoon clinic.


Dr. Hickson is the Practice Leads for Diabetes.  Dr. Hickson’s clinic is run by our Practice Nurses with support from Dr. Hickson. They take place on Thursdays from 9.10am to 12.40pm (9.10am to 11.50pm for existing diabetic patients / 12.00pm – 12.40pm for patients with a new diagnosis of diabetes). The aim of these clinics is to effectively manage and control a patient’s diabetes and to sort out issues such as high HbA1c / cholesterol / blood pressure levels. Depending on how well the condition is controlled, patients are normally seen twice a year where they are provided with a foot check, dietary advice and eye screenings. Within this clinic, specialist referrals can be made to a chiropodist and or dietician. 

Open Clinic

We hold an open clinic for Asthmatic, COPD and Diabetic patients for those that are unable to attend the dedicated clinic for these illnesses. ‘Cardiac’ patients can also book into this clinic (for patients with cardiac problems such as ischemic heart disease, previous cardiac arrest, angina and patients who have had a stroke or TIA - in this clinic, cardiac patients will be monitored and general observations will be carried out along with a well-being check). This clinic is Nurse led and runs on a Friday between 10.00am and 1.45pm.

Family Planning

These clinics are run by Dr. Hughes and Dr. Karir and is for female contraceptive procedures. Assisted by one of the Nursing team, the Doctors can carry out the following procedures:

Coil fit / Coil change / Coil removal / Coil check / Implant fit / Implant removal / Implant change

The coil procedures can be done for both the T-Safe and Mirena coils.

Dr. Hughes’ clinic takes place on Monday afternoons and Dr. Karir’s clinic runs on Friday afternoons. The clinics are run on a ‘pre-bookable appointment only’ basis.

Some of our other Doctors can also perform certain family-planning-type procedures. Please speak to a member of staff before booking these so that you can be given the correct advice – some procedures require a routine consultation with the Doctor you intend to see for the procedure, on a prior day:

  • Dr. Wearn – Coil check
  • Further information on contraception and family planning can be accessed through this link.

Minor Surgery

The practice has the capability to perform specific minor surgery on site. Dr. Cain runs a weekly clinic for minor operative procedures. Dr. Cain’s clinics are held on Tuesday mornings between 8.00am and 9.40am  As with the Family Planning clinic, these operate on a ‘pre-bookable appointment only’ basis and all procedures must be following a routine surgery consultation with Dr. Cain on a prior day. Minor surgery is performed at the discretion of the Doctors.

Dr. Cain performs the following: Injections (Knee, Shoulder) / Aspirations (Olecranon bursitis) / Excisions (Cysts, Benign skin growths) / Removals (Skin tag, Toenail, Warts) / Cryotherapy

^These do not include face or breast growths

Some of our other GPs also perform certain minor procedures as follows, but please speak to a member of staff before booking these – as with the dedicated Minor Surgery clinics, all procedures must normally be following a routine surgery consultation with the Doctor you wish to carry out your procedure, on a prior day:

  • Dr. Hickson – Injections (Knee, Shoulder, Elbow, Heel, Trigger finger ONLY (NOT wrists or hands)) / Cryotherapy
  • Dr. Hughes - Ring Pessary fit
  • Dr. Marston - Ring Pessary fit / Ring Pessary change
  • Dr. Massey – Injections (Knee, Elbow (tennis elbow), Trochanteric bursitis (hip)) / Cryotherapy
  • Dr. Wearn - Ring Pessary fit / Ring Pessary change
  • Dr. Zurub – Injections (Knee, Shoulder, Elbow (tennis elbow), Heel) / Cryotherapy / Ingrowing Toenail removal

Baby Immunisations

Our Nurses carry out baby immunisations on an ad-hoc basis, there is no set clinic for these. This is for children of all ages who require immunisations at the following intervals:

Eight weeks old, 12 weeks old, 16 weeks old, One year old and Three years and four months old.

These appointments are arranged and sent out by the national Child Health Office, although the vaccinations themselves are administered by the practice. We advise that all children undergo their full course of vaccinations, unless there are specific reasons to avoid certain injections.

We respectfully request that parents do not bring ill children to the clinic. This encourages the spread of infection and puts other children attending the clinic at risk. Please speak to a member of Reception staff who will happily re-arrange your appointment for a later date when you think it is likely that your child will have recovered from their illness.

Mother & Baby Six Week Check

This clinic is run by Dr Hickson, Dr Zurub, Dr Karir and Dr Marston for checks on mother and baby, six weeks after a baby’s birth. Dr. Zurub has a special interest in Child Health Surveillance. Further information on this clinic is available on our ‘Pregnancy and Maternity’ page within the ‘Clinics and Services’ tab at the top of the page.

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