Travel Clinic

If you plan to travel outside of the UK, you may require vaccinations against some diseases found in other parts of the world.

The childhood vaccination programme will protect you against a number of diseases. However, this doesn’t cover many of the infectious diseases that are found overseas.

There are three useful sources of information available online which provides details of necessary and or recommended vaccinations for wherever you are travelling to:

We recommend that you get travel advice at minimum, nine weeks before you travel.
Most vaccination schedules take between two and six weeks to be administered, to provide the highest levels of immunity.

We do not keep a stock of travel vaccines and have to order these in especially, which can take between six and eight weeks.
For patients seeking travel advice and or vaccinations, please book an in-person appointment with one of our Practice Nurses. 

During your appointment the Nurse will check that your existing UK jabs are up to date and if you require a booster. The nurse will be able to discuss your travel arrangements so that they can determine what vaccinations you require, for the destination(s) you are traveling to.

The nurse can also give more general advice about travel vaccinations and travel health.

Travel vaccine costs

A limited number of vaccinations are available free on the NHS. These are free because they protect against diseases that are thought to represent the greatest risk to public health if they were brought back to the UK. Certain vaccinations are not included in the services provided by the NHS and therefore, the administering of them is a chargeable service.

The charges that we make for non-NHS travel vaccinations are as follows (all charges are per dose (vaccination) / per prescription unless otherwise stated):

Meningitis ACWY£70.00
Malaria Prescription (private fee, not including drugs)£40.00 per dose
Hepatitis B (3 vaccinations required for full course)Course of 3 + blood test : Hepatitis B Junior £55.00 per dose£195 full course£55.00 per dose
Rabies (3 vaccinations required for full course)£80.00 per dose
Japanese Encephalitis (2 vaccinations required for full course)£110.00 per dose
Tick-born EncephalitisTick-born Encephalitis Junior£95 per dose£85 per dose
Re-issue of Vaccination Certificate £15.00

We require payment in advance to any vaccines being ordered.

For last minute travellers, we advise that you still book in as soon as possible as even a late vaccination will start to provide some increasing protection throughout your travels.

Yellow Fever vaccine

Bedworth health Centre does NOT stock or administer yellow fever vaccine.