New Patients

New Patient Registration

The practice is currently accepting new patients.

Patient Boundary

Check the map on the practice boundary map to ensure that you live within our catchment area.

Book a new patient appointment

Contact the surgery to make an appointment for a ‘New Patient Medical’. This is a 20 minute appointment with one of our Healthcare Assistants.

Fill out the two forms

There are two forms to complete to register at the practice. Links to both these are below. If you are unable to fill out the forms then you can fill them out at the practice. The GMS1 form will need to be signed when you first attend the practice to complete your registration.

When you register you will also need to fill out a medical questionnaire. This is because it can take a considerable time for us to receive your medical records. When you come to the surgery you will be asked to sign this form to confirm that the details are correct.

Identification Documents

To complete your registration you will need to provide photo ID and proof of address. All documents must be original and not photocopies

Forms that can be used as proof of address:

  • Bank Statement
  • Credit Card Statement
  • Utility Bill (Gas / Electric / Water / Landline Telephone) – these must be dated within the last three months for them to be acceptable
  • Mortgage Statement
  • Council Tax Statement
  • Official correspondence from HMRC – these must be dated within the last 12 months for them to be acceptable.
  • Photocard driving license (please be aware that if you are registering for GP Online Services, we can only accept a photocard driving license as a photographic ID or proof of address, not both – you would need to provide either an additional photographic ID or an additional proof of address for us to complete your GP Online Services registration) 

Photo ID

  • Photocard driving license 
  • Passport

We are do not accept Mobile Phone bills as a proof of address

Similarly do not accept broadband / television subscription (e.g. Sky / BT / Virgin Media etc.) bills

Medical Records

It can take a long time for your medical records to arrive from your previous surgery. This is not a process administered by ourselves but by NHS England, we have no control over how long it takes for your medical records to arrive.