Text Messaging

Non-urgent advice: Please note

The number provided below does not receive incoming calls or text messages.

The text message sent from the surgery will display the following number: 07903 588024.

We strongly recommend all patients signed up to this service, add this number to their contacts list.

The surgery uses a text messaging facility to contact patients for a variety of reasons, one of which is to receive reminders of future appointments.

By using this service it helps to reduce the number of missed appointments.

You can sign-up for the text messaging service by completing this communication consent form below.

Alternatively, you can ask a member of the reception staff team when you are next in to complete the communication consent form.

If you decide to sign up and then change your mind, you can opt-out at any time, please speak to a member of staff to withdraw your consent to receive this service.

Patients who share mobile numbers

If separate appointments are booked for the same session for people who share a mobile number, only one appointment’s text message reminder is able to be sent.

We advised that for patient’s do not use a shared mobile for one than one person because of patient confidentiality and privacy.

It is important to note that when a mobile number operated by one person (e.g. mother) and is associated to another person (e.g. daughter), when the person associated with the number books an appointment, the text message reminder will potentially be seen by the person operating the number.

SMS/Text Messaging Consent form

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