All prescriptions are now sent electronically to the pharmacy and this is explained in more detail on the NHS website for electronic prescriptions.

If you are taking the same medication on a regular basis, you should be able to obtain a repeat prescription for this without having to see a clinician.

Requesting prescriptions

Prescription requests take two working days to be processed. 

Prescriptions can be requested in the following ways:

  1. By telephone through the Prescription Ordering Direct service on 02476 246025.
  2. Also you can order by texting the POD on 07903586972 in the message type REPEAT
  3. You can order you repeat prescriptions online, please go to the order online page.

Collecting your prescription

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic all prescriptions are sent directly to your chosen pharmacy.

There are no paper prescriptions issued from the health centre.

Medication reviews

For medication that you are taking on a repeat basis, you will need regular reviews. 

Please take responsibility for your medication and keep track of the number of issues you have left.

Please book in for these reviews in good time to avoid any problems when you are running low on medication.

Prescription fees

The current charge for a prescription is £9.35 per item and you can get more information from the NHS website on prescription charges.

It you have medication on a regular basis, it may be cheaper for you to purchase a ‘Prescription prepayment certificate (PPC)’ and more information can be found on the NHS website for prescription prepayment certificates